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Bohemian Rhapsody Fed Through Drone Liquifier

Get it here and do it yourself : Youtube's copyright claim algo picked this up! I am impressed Drone Liquifier melts anything you feed it into a big pool of atmospheric soup. It combines a granular sampler and an extra long reverb to convert your audio into an epic drone soundscape. The granular sampler splits everything into grains, re-arranging them in unique and evolving ways, thanks to 4 LFOs. The rearranged audio is then blurred into the distance with a long lush reverb - all while managing to retain the original "timbre" of the sound. You can send this anything.. your voice... white noise... electrical hum, and it will give you a wild result. I've been hunting for an all-in-one drone plugin for years, but nothing ever did what I want - so I made it! Drone Liquifier is FREE - or if you think it's worth something, pay what you want. Every little bit helps me keep up this model of releasing my work for everyone, no matter what their financial situation is. Requires Ableton Live 10 Suite or higher. //Patreon -​ //Discord -​ //Facebook -​ //Soundcloud -​ //Twitter -​ //Website -​

ill Gates Tutorials

Remixing A Squeaky Door Hinge (4 Producers 1 Sample Walkthrough)

FREE DL of the song, project file, sample pack, stems etc: Watch the episode: Follow Andrew Huang: Au5: Drum and Lace:

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An Introduction to Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart

Learn more about Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart here: When a musical idea pops into your head, it’s important that technology doesn’t get in the way. Computers can help you create rich and diverse sounds, but it’s an instrument that can truly help to you to capture your inspiration. Push gives you the best of everything. Push is an instrument that gives you everything you need to make music in one place, right at your fingertips. This powerful and expressive instrument gives you access to an unlimited world of music making possibilities! Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart is a brand new course built from the ground up by our newest trainer at Warp Academy, Ableton Certified Trainer, Brian Funk, aka. AfroDJMac. In Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart, you get a comprehensive look at the ultimate way to integrate Push 2 and Live. After taking Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart, you’ll know the Push inside and out. You’ll be more productive with your time in the studio and have the confidence to flex the full potential of this music making machine! Learn more about Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart here:

Kill Paris – Ableton Tutorials

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